Real Estate in Brazil
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Real Estate Consultancy

We offer a special service to find the perfect property for your needs.

Second Visa by Investment

By investing a minimum of R$500k in Brazil, you are eligible to apply for the Investor Visa.

Post Development Support

On your request, I will assist you during the property development.

Where are we located at?

Santa Catarina, South of Brazil.

Santa Catarina is a very different State of the rest of Brazil. The regions in general are very clean and well organized, nothing like other places in Brazil. Some people call this region the Europe of Brazil due to the similarity of the landscapes, green hills with little farms well distributed and the majority of people are German and Italian descendants. It's definitely a special place in this planet. And the best characteristic of the State is definitely the safety in all terms of society, water, food, energy potential, which brings the quality of life of your dreams.