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How I can help you to make a good diversified investment portfolio in the State of Santa Catarina

The State holds a lot of business opportunities for those willing to create a new income generator. You need to realize how everything is interconnected and can be put together to create a brilliant company.

So what would be the main business opportunities in the State?

My opinion the best business here would be connected to:

  1. Real Estate Sector

Natural Beauty is the main factor that brings people from all over the world to enjoy a good holiday in Santa Catarina, and that's only one of the reasons which makes it a good place to buy real estate in Brazil.

Beach in Garopaba, Santa Catarina

Praia Vermelha - Santa Catarina - South of Brazil.

  • Potential land plots to divide in smaller lots and make a housing development;

  • Rural Productive Lands;

  • Agroindustries;

  • Pork, Chicken and Dairy Farms;

  • Many touristic attractions and in my opinion the best coastline in the world;

  • Amazing beaches both families and young people;

  • High Grass Lands reaching up to ~1800m above the sea level and still only 2,5h from the coastline;

  • Mountain Range called Serra Geral;

  • German and European Culture mixed with Brazilian Culture;

  • And much more.

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