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Business Investment Visa

The Investor Visa in Brazil is a very good option for the client willing to either invest or live in the country.

Brazil is one of the biggest superpower in the world because of its huge agriculture lands and water supply. It's been the destiny of many foreigners from all over the world and that's the main reason why more and more foreigners are investing and moving into the country. If you want to diversify your portfolio and move to a place where you can have more freedom, quality of life, food and water security, different amazing places to visit in the same country, you should consider Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil. It's true some regions of Brazil has a high criminal rate, but that's very far from what the media show us. Actually, there are some amazing regions where you would never think they are actually in the Brazil. Criminal rate in Santa Catarina is very low and this State is often compared to Europe.

The process to get a permanent visa in Brazil can be a tough time consuming and bureaucratic task. However, if you make your due diligence learning how it works, you will quite likely have a smooth process.

We offer a complete remote consultancy service to assist you to obtain the visa and invest it to create a profitable business in Brazil.

Foreigners can apply for an INVESTOR VISA in Brazil by investing:

  • The minimum amount of 500k BRL in a stablished Brazilian company or creating a new one(Business Investment Visa)

  • Or by investing R$1.000.000,00 in a one or multiple real estate properties in Brazil(Real Estate Investment Visa), you can directly apply.

 *Note: The investors are free to use the 500k BRL invested in the company as they please in Brazil, as long as they follow the business plan submitted at the visa application.




Step Number 1 ---- Legally Structuring the Business

To be eligible for the Investor Visa you need to invest the money in the Bank Account of your company or in the existing company you decided to invest.

In most of the cases, we create a new company. Usually buy and sell real estate type.

To open the company or invest in an existing one you'll need:

  1. CPF(Taxpayer ID);

  2. Physical Address;

  3. Power of Attorney.

*You will issue a Power of Attorney in a Notary. On your request, I make myself available for that.

Apostille this document also in a Notary.

You'll need a Power of Attorney to be responsible for you and sign the necessary documents during the process. That's mandatory either through professional help or not.

*Step #1 takes 1~2 months usually.

Step Number 2 ---- Capitalization

Having the Business Legally Structured, now you can open a Business Bank Account in Brazil. Then, you transfer the money to this account(it's better to do it through an exchange broker). This is not a so easy step 'cause banks in Brazil usually are clueless about international transfers', so it's better to have professional help from a professional lawyer specialized on this.

Step Number 3 ----- Visa Application

A specialized lawyer will elaborate a Business Plan to file along with the other documents proofing you have invested the value in a Brazilian Company's Bank Account(*registered at the Central Bank). The process is done through the Ministry of Labor of Brazil.

Step Number 4

The Ministry of Labor will process your order and approve it or not if your application don't comply with the requirements. After the approval you need to either go in person at the Brazilian Consulate of your country or, if you are in Brazil, you can go to a Federal Police agency in Brazil and get the residence permit card(RNE, the equivalent green card in Brazil) there. 

What are the steps for the Business Investment Visa?

We offer a complete consultancy service to foreigners looking to obtain a Permanent Residence in Brazil. Contact Us.

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