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Small Rural Village at the Bottom of Serra Geral Mountain Range 3hrs close to International Florianopolis Airport.

Medeiros Waterfall at Anitapolis, SC..JPG

Anitapolis is a brazilian municipality located ~100km from the Florianopolis International Airport.

Sea level: 430m

Population: ~3.000 inhabitants

Size: ~576.000 km2




Small Beach Village famous for its idyllic landscapes and paradisiac beaches for surfing.

Coastline of Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Garopaba is a village 1,5hr from Florianopolis, the capital.

Its main economic activity is rentals in the high season.

This leads to a hotspot for the Real Estate Sector.

Liquidity and Price Appreciation is the better why to invest in Real Estate here.

It has several paradisiac beaches, very well crowded in the high seasons, but very empty off season.


Grão Pará

Small Rural Municipality at the bottom of Serra Geral, Santa Catarina.

Grao Para, Santa Catarina, Real Estate in Brazil.

Grão Pará is a small rural village in a privileged region in Brazil. It rains regularly throughout the year and it's quite cold in the winter. The main economic activities are dairy farming, livestock, lumber and, recently, tourism. It has many waterfalls in the rural neighborhoods and it is home to the famous trekking attraction Rio do Túnel.

Natural Beauty of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
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