A Real Case on Relocating to Brazil as an American - Part 1.

Hello guys, today I am going to tell a story on how I am helping an American from California, USA, to relocate to Brazil by obtaining a Business Investment Visa and investing in real estate in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

We met on expat.com, and from there we started the process remotely. A few months after, he came to visit the State of Santa Catarina with the mission of finding the best region to buy a land plot and start doing housing developments to generate an income out of long-term rentals and/or selling the unities for a profit.

We visited 5 cities of SC, starting on the coastline and going to the mountains. First city was Garopaba, a municipality with 10 gorgeous beaches with a fast-growing real estate market in the seaside. It's potentially the hottest market in the South region of Brazil in terms of liquidity and price appreciation, in average properties has double in price during the last few years, and some even triple.

Garopaba Downtown Bay

In Garopaba we went to see all the beaches and a few land plots on a residential area called 'Ressacada'. The land plots were part of a bigger development with mountains view, close to the highway that connects the city with the BR-101, the main highway across the coastline of SC.

Smaller plot was 180k BRL, according to our realtor, the best way to generate an income on these plots is building 2 houses attached to each other and rent them for 2k BRL a month on a long-term basis. One house would cost 250k BRL to be ready within 8 months. This way the investor would be putting 680k BRL and he can choose either to rent those or sell each for 500k BRL(market price for a house like this in that area). Best advantage of doing it in Garopaba is liquidity, as it's a dream of many Brazilians to live in this paradise, there's a high demand for residential real estate.

Second city we stayed at was Florianopolis, the Capital of Santa Catarina and also the Brazilian Capital with the highest Human Development Index. Floripa is a charming island with ~500k inhabitants and 42 beaches. Its economy is based on Tourism and Information Technology. Local authorities stablished a goal to become the Silicon Valley of Brazil.

After Floripa, we went to visit the German town of Pomerode and Urubici in the mountain region of Santa Catarina. These areas offer a ton of adventure trips like trials and waterfalls. Check out some footage we've done during our time there.

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