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Partnership with Katsumasa, Therapist & Shogi World Champion.

Expanding our services to Japanese

Our company wants to expand our services to the Japanese market. We want to help out Japanese people to move to Brazil aiming to live in regions that offers more quality of life to enjoy the healing sounds and fresh air of the mountains.

For that, we are doing a former partnership with Katsumasa Egoshi, famous World Champion of Shogi, the Japanese Chess, Massage Therapist and owner of land in the bottom of Serra Geral in Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

He's been traveling to many countries and teaching Shogi all over the world for a while and now he's fully dedicated on his biggest project which is creating an eco-villa of like-minded people interested in living a more healthy and peaceful life in community, working together to create a self-sustainable property.

Katsumasa will help with communication in the whole process of relocation as not all Japanese people speak neither English or Portuguese. He will also make the tours in Brazil showing up great and different locations that we consider a good region to purchase residential real estate as a Japanese.

Katsumasa Egoshi Contact: +55 48 99649-7013(Whatsapp)

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