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Why Relocate to Santa Catarina, South of Brazil?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

By Israel Lincoln, Sep 17, 2021.

Santa Catarina

In the last few years there's been a big spike on people leaving their home countries and relocating overseas looking for better places to live in with their family. Indeed, we've seem some news confirming this fact in the USA, the most recent estimate puts the figure at nearly nine million. See article.

You may be familiar with the reasons people are leaving the USA, here is a quick list:

  • High costs of living;

  • Political disillusion;

  • High Taxes, specially in California;

  • Quality of Life and Freedom.

The overseas destinies of these Americans varies a lot, depending on their cultural background and wealth. Singapore, St Kitts, Greece, Caribbean, South America, Asian, and a lot more is some of the most talked about places where Americans go. But, few people know South of Brazil can be better than most of these.

I myself have some friends and clients from abroad, expats getting established in the State of Santa Catarina. The place is very beautiful, and very different from the rest of Brazil in terms of infrastructure, safety, quality of life, business opportunities, people and culture.

Santa Catarina has a lot of options for different situations when buying properties and settling down. For example, the coastline is the most searched for location due to the amazing shores and idyllic landscapes. But also, if one prefers more quiet and rural landscapes, he/she should be looking at the High Grasslands in the Mountains in the middle west of the State. See this video below showing up Urubici, a charming municipality in the mountains.

Regarding cultural events and art, it's true we don't have many of them in SC, but Florianopolis is only 2,5h from Curitiba, a famous multicultural city and host of many events. Florianopolis is close to many amazing places in Southern Brazil. For example, you can leave the island of Florianopolis and cross the State towards South West and in less than a day driving you are are in Argentina drinking one of the best wines in the world.

Or you can drive down the road all the way to Uruguay, another amazing country in Latin America.

The State also has many advantages in terms of Natural Resources, water is everywhere, a lot of springs and small rivers crossing the municipalities, fertile lands for agriculture and the air is definitely more pure and fresh than other regions in Brazil because of the low-density population of the State.

Nevertheless, Santa Catarina in the southern part of the country is definitely a very good place to live in with your family with different options of places to go and enjoy a good road trip day.

Relocate yourself to Southern Brazil by obtaining an Investor Visa and investing in Real Estate Developments.

Come and discover this vibrant lifestyle and stunningly beautiful country.

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