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Farmland 1h close to Brasília-DF

For Sale

R$ 220.000.000,00

Property Description

Productive Farm Goias: 2183 ha, completely developed, suitable for crops and pasture farming, high clay percentage, mostly flat

General Characteristics and Features:

For sale is a developed farm in the municipality of Planaltina, in the Brazilian state of Goias.

Total area: 2,183 ha

Open Area: 1,370 ha

Native Area (Legal Reserve – Reserva Legal) 704 ha

Current Area – Irrigated Planting: 242 ha 01 pivot of 68 ha 01 Pivot of 68 ha 01 Pivot of 68 ha 01 Pivot of 38 ha

Total Area Ready for Pivots: 726 ha 06 Pivots 68 ha 01 Pivot 62 ha 01 Pivot 58 ha 01 Pivot 43 ha 04 Pivots 38 ha

Area in Pastures: 484 ha

Area for Dry Planting: 484 ha

Type of Pastures: Brachiaria MG 5

Topography: flat and partially ondulated

Altitude: An average of 1.285 m

Soil: Red and yellow earth, clay above 32%

Water: 08 springs, 01 artesian well, 06 slopes, 01 dam and 01 stream

Rainfall Index: 1.425 mm

Climate: Average temperature of 22°C

Improvements and Developments: Main house, 02 houses for employees, corral with 04 compartments and covered shed, 02 sheds, 01 for machinery and implements and another for tools, 05 pivots in operation, 08 to be installed, dozens of pastures, 01 dam, smooth wire fences etc.

Location: Planaltina – GO

arehouse 1 h. from Brasilia

Documentation: Availability of Public Deed, GEO and CAR

No encumbrances or debts whatsoever.

Comments: Agricultural farm with magnificent altitude, existing project for 13 pivots, of which 05 are already in operation, unparalleled logistics, close to everything in a highly developed region with numerous investments into infrastructure.

Property Details

Property Type



2183 ha

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