Consultancy on Permanent Visa

Brazil has an investment program for foreigners who wants a permanent visa and/or invest in the country. By investing a minimum amount of R$500.000,00(five hundred thousand reais) in an existing company or in a new one, you will be eligible to the permanent visa process for investors. We have accompanied cliente during this process and had success in most of the times. We offer our services to help you during the process, although you can do it on your own. We always let it open to the client to decide.

High End Secluded Properties

I myself, Israel Lincoln, founder of this company, owns property somewhere one can find himself in a completely silent environment in a mountain top surrounded by 360 º long views, where you can only see the green and feel like you're living 200 years back in a different Age of Humanity.

This is the kind of feeling I want my clients to have, and that is why I am focused on High End Secluded Properties.

We Are Quite Clear

Whatever may be your needs and dreams, we will help you to find the right property to make it come true. We always follow this path: a) We talk to clients; b) We then show all, and I mean all, possibilities available that fills the client's criteria; c) Just then, after the client being fully conscious about the matter, we can make a deal.