Strategic Relocation

The World is falling apart in terms of well-being, quality of life and freedom. It's time to make the move.

My name is Israel Lincoln, I'm a young guy building my own business and this is helping foreigners to make their move towards Strategic Relocation.

I know this is a complex topic and it can raise many feelings, however I'd better go on with this 'cause governments will not save us.

Strategic Relocation is a book written by Joel M Skousen and I am using the term to market my services as a Real Estate Broker at Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. Skousen defines it as the 'process of finding a safe, defendable home.

Having that said, I will point out what facts I think you should consider when choosing a safe place to move aiming to live a better life with your family.


What are the places on Earth where you are safe in terms of Volcanos, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Floods and all that.


Check out if the government of your country is doing good to avoid any threats from other countries, including biological wars, cyber attacks and even nuclear attacks. This criteria strikes off many countries from practically all continents. Needless to say, USA and China are the most dangerous countries to live in regarding the topic of nuclear war threat.


You don't want to live in place where you have limited water supply, or even total pollution of the water.

You want to live in a place with abundance of Natural Resources such as:

  1. Clean and Drinkable Water;

  2. Good Lands to produce good, clean organic food;

  3. Potential to generate your own energy to run your living space.

4. Altitude

Many ancient and wise men and religions treat the mountains as sacred places.

You should live in the mountains, there you find good water, clean air, fertile lands, privacy, freedom and safety. I don't believe there is a minimum height, I think you must see the full picture. Definitely, you don't want to be too close to the oceans nor big rivers and risk being flooded.

5. Culture and Community Engagement.

Humans are social creatures, hence you need to live in a place where you like the folks around and they like you as well. Also, there must be a common sense and respect within the core of the culture in question.

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''I moved to Santa Catarina a few years ago and moved to the very beautiful countryside of the State.


Living remotely as a licensed realtor I work assisting foreigners to move and invest in Brazil, specifically in Santa Catarina by helping them to obtain a Permanent Residence and invest in real estate to create an income out of Airnbs and long-term rentals.

I would say this is the best spot in the world to live in.

Tons of business opportunities. Wealthy citizens from all over the world come to visit the beautiful landscapes of Santa Catarina, which makes it a hotspot for real estate and tourism related business.''

Israel Lincoln - Founder of Relocate Brazil